Alfa One Rice Bran Oil

What is Rice Bran Oil?

Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is an essential ingredient in your pantry. Made from the goodness of rice bran Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is packed full of antioxidants. Alfa One Rice Bran Oil has a mild taste so it won’t overpower the flavour of your food or leave an oily aftertaste. And you can cook with it at high temperatures, which makes it a versatile choice for all your favourite recipes.

Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is the preferred choice of many Chefs and New Zealand's number one selling* oil. Discover the secret for yourself.

Where does Rice Bran Oil come from?

Rice Bran Oil is made from the most nutritious part of rice, the bran and germ.
Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is made in Thailand from 100% Thai rice which has been grown sustainably for thousands of years.

How is Rice Bran Oil made?husk image

First the husk of the rice grain is removed, resulting in a brown rice grain. The brown bran layer and rice germ are then removed leaving behind a white rice grain.

Rice Bran Oil is first extracted from the bran and germ. The oil is then refined and separated into a clear liquid and hard fraction. The clear liquid is extra cold filtered for maximum purity. The hard fraction is filtered and is used to make Alfa One Rice Bran Oil spread.


*Alfa One 1L RBO $ sales Aztec scan data to June 2011.