Alfa One Rice Bran Oil

What About Health?

Fats are an essential part of our diet, but too much and the wrong types of fats
can be harmful to our health. It is a good idea to look for oils that have healthier
fat compositions and have higher antioxidant levels.

Alfa one has higher levels of antioxidants than any other oil type and it is less viscous (more runny) than other oil types which means that excess oil will drain off your food.

You should try to avoid burning your food or overheating oil. When an oil gets too hot it produces smoke and toxic compounds and at high temperatures health benefits of the oil diminish.

Alfa One Rice Bran Oil can be heated to higher temperatures than other oils, which makes it easier to avoid toxic compounds, burning your food and smoking out your kitchen.

Why is Alfa One Rice Bran Oil Healthy?

Alfa One Rice Bran Oil has significantly higher levels of antioxidants than other oil types. This is because Alfa One is made from the most nutritious part of rice grains, the bran and germ which are inherently high in natural antioxidants such has Vitamin E and Oryzanol.

Alfa One Rice Bran oil has significantly lower viscosity (is more runny) than other vegetable oils and olive oil. It therefore drains off better in frying applications leaving food free of excess oil.

Alfa One Rice Bran Oil can be heated to 250 degrees before smoking. With such a high smoke point you will find that your food will not stick to your pan. This means less burning and mess to clean up in your pan, not to mention less smoke in your kitchen.

Being suitable for cooking at high temperatures makes Alfa One Rice Bran Oil an ideal choice for stir fry meals.

Try Alfa One Spray

If you are looking to limitBBQ Grill and Pan Spray your oil usage try Alfa One Rice Bran Oil BBQ, Grill and Pan Spray.

Unlike other sprays Alfa One BBQ, Grill and Pan Spray contains 100% Pure Rice Bran Oil. With no solvents it won’t taste or smell of propellants or solvents, letting the taste of your food shine through.

Inside the spray can is a bag that contains 100% pure rice bran oil. Between the bag and the can is pressurised nitrogen gas. When you press down on the nozzle, air rushes in to squeeze the bag, forcing the contents into a steady spray. The nitrogen sits on the outside of the bag and doesn’t come into contact with the rice bran oil.

Nitrogen is a non flammable gas which is present in the atmosphere (in fact 78% of the air we breathe contains nitrogen). As nitrogen is non flammable this makes it an ideal choice for using in the kitchen or the BBQ.

As with all pressurised cans, do not spray directly onto naked flames or a surface over 330˚C.

Are All Fats The Same?

Oils are all 100% fat, but the type of fat in each type of oil varies. Some fat types are better for us than others and some should be avoided completely.

Alfa One has Rice Bran oil has a balanced fatty acid composition which means that it has moderate levels of saturated fat (23%), and polyunsaturated fats (35%) with a predominance of monounsaturated fat (42%). And Alfa One Rice oil contains virtually no trans fats.

Trans Fatsspread arrow

  • Trans fats are the most harmful: they raise LDL-cholesterol (the bad one you want less of), and decrease HDL-cholesterol (the good one you want to have)
  • Trans fats occur naturally in meat and dairy products in small amounts. They are also formed by the hydrogenation of oils. In this process hydrogen is added to oil to make them harder so they can be used in the production of spread

Saturated Fat

  • Saturated fat is found in high levels in red meats and red meat products, dairy products, and solid oils (such as palm oil and coconut oil)
  • Too much saturated fat can cause the body to make more cholesterol

Mono and Poly-unsaturated Fats

  • Monounsaturated fat is found in plant oils such as rice bran, olive, canola and peanut oil
  • Polyunsaturated fats are also found in plant oils and some fish

Healthy Cooking

Oils start to lose their health benefits when they get too hot. Alfa One rice bran oil can be heated to higher temperatures than other oils, which means that the health benefits of the oil remain even at high temperatures.

If your oil is starting to smoke then antioxidant levels are greatly reduced.

It is important to try not to burn your oil or food as this produces toxic compounds in your food and smoke in your kitchen.

Aim to sear the outside of your food as this will seal in flavours and result in more moist food. Searing your food also helps to stop food soaking up extra oil.

If you are deep frying allow your food to drain for a couple of minutes and remove any excess oil with paper towels.

See How Do I Use It for more cooking tips.

Watching your Cholesterol?

Like all vegetable oils Alfa One Rice Bran Oil contains no cholesterol. If you are concerned about your cholesterol levels we recommend using Alfa One Rice Bran Oil Spread which has even higher levels of Oryzanol. Alfa One Rice Bran Oil has been shown to help reduce cholesterol absorption.