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Tasting Olive Oil

Learn how to taste olive oil. Typical flavours found in fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oils are Green (Grass), Spicy, Fruity, Bitter notes. Stale Olive Oil will smell a bit like engine oil and taste like stale animal fat and can look reddy brown in colour.

First smell the oil:

Pour the oil into a small glass and swirl the oil around the glass to release the flavours. Look at the colour of the oil (a fresh olive oil should look yellow/green in colour, a stale olive oil starts to take on a reddy/brown hue)

Inhale, with short and long breathes and take in the aroma.


Try a small amount of the oil, moving it around your mouth, over your taste buds. Keep the oil in the front of your mouth and draw in air (delicately at first and then more vigorously). Taste. Exhaling from the nose will heighten your taste experience. Expel the oil.

Typical flavours that you may taste in a fresh extra virgin olive oil are: Green (Grass), Spicy, Fruity, Bitter notes. The strength of these flavour components will vary depending on the quality of the oil and the variety. If olive oil is old or rancid it will smell a bit like engine oil and stale animal fat.

Alfa One Range:

The Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oil range comes in two varieties: Leccino and Frantoio, which have a freshness guarantee.