Alfa One Rice Bran Oil

Freshness Guarantee

Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed from a single estate olive grove, within a few hours of picking. Made from the first press of the best Italian olive varieties & grown in Australia it’s guaranteed to be fresh extra virgin olive oil.

Fresh or your money back

We are confident that Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be fresh, or your money back!

Typical flavours found in fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oils are Green (Grass), Spicy, Fruity, Bitter notes. See our tasting guide see to learn how to taste Olive Oil.

Alfa One Leccino should taste smooth and balanced, while Frantoio will taste full bodied and fruity.

Stale Olive Oil will smell a bit like engine oil and taste like stale animal fat and can look reddy brown in colour.

If you are not satisfied that Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fresh claim your money back here:

To be eligible you must have purchased Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oil within expiry date, within the last month.  Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oil must have been stored in accordance with recommendations specified on the bottle, in a suitable cupboard, away from sunlight with lid secured.

To claim a refund complete the form below



Refunds will be issued if:

  • within one month of purchase, you submit a completed claim via our website indicating that you are not satisfied that the Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not ‘fresh’ based upon the tasting guidelines provided on our website.  You agree that we may contact you to discuss your claim;
  • we are satisfied that the Oil is within its expiry date and was stored in accordance with recommendations provided on the bottle.  We may require you to return the Oil to us for testing for these purposes; and
  • the Oil was purchased new in New Zealand from an authorised seller and we receive valid proof of your purchase.

There is a limit of one claim per household.

Please allow 28 days for a refund to be processed. Refund will be sent via cheque or direct debit based on your preference specified in your claim. Cheques will be sent via registered mail. Should we contact you requesting the Oil to be returned to us for testing, your postage costs within New Zealand will also be refunded if you provide us with evidence of such costs.

This guarantee does not limit any rights and remedies that may be available to you under the Fair Trading Act 1986, the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 or any other applicable legislation, such as if the Oil is not of acceptable quality or otherwise does not meet required food safety standards.