Alfa One Rice Bran Oil

Fresh is Best

Come on a tour of the grove and discover the secret of Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our dedication to freshness.


Of course we only make Extra Virgin Olive Oil as it is simply the best tasting and healthiest Olive Oil you can make.

Our search for fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil started with two Italian families who wanted to create the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world. Wanting to supply Italy with fresher Olive Oil, they looked to the southern hemisphere to grow Olives in the off season.The families knew that the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil is grown in Umbria, Italy. So they carefully selected the best varieties and worked on finding a location that would match the growing conditions found in Italy.

With the ideal location found in Australia, young plants were imported from Italy and propagated to form the ‘Mother Olive Grove’. Now with more than 100,000 trees the grove is well established. Each year all trees are trimmed to ensure fresh growth and great olive flavour. No pesticides or herbicides are used in the grove and waste products from processing Olives are used for weed control.

Knowing the importance of freshness the families built onsite pressing facilities. As soon as the olives are picked they start to oxidize and ferment. The freshly picked olives are rushed to the press within a few hours of picking. Here they are pressed once (known as first press) to extract the best oil from the olive. No chemicals are used to extract the oil from the olives. As heat can also degrade olive oil quality, the olives are cold pressed.
Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oils are short pressed, minimizing the damaging effect oxygen can have on the oil before bottling.

We lovingly store the oil in specially controlled conditions to preserve freshness and every few months we bottle Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oil in New Zealand.

Sourced from this single estate Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oils are freshness guaranteed. You can be sure that Alfa One is extra virgin as each batch is independently tested and certified by Department of Primary Industries.

The Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oil range comes in two varieties: Leccino and Frantoio, which have a freshness guarantee.

Use Alfa One Leccino in mild flavoured dishes. Alfa One Leccino is smooth and balanced and is ideal to use for dipping with bread, dressing salad greens, finishing pasta, sautéing and slow roasting.

For more punchy flavour try Alfa One Frantoio. Full bodied and fruity it matches well with stronger full flavoured dishes. You might like to try it on a tomato and basil salad, dipping together with balsamic vinegar, meat dishes and vegetable dishes.

Keeping oil fresh at home

Light and oxygen affects the quality of your Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Alfa One Extra Virgin Olive Oils come in a tinted bottle to protect the oil from sunlight. For optimum freshness, store well sealed in a dark cupboard and use within 2 months of opening.