How to cook the perfect steak

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Cooking Method

Watch the video:
Video: How to cook the perfect steak

1. Select Quality Mark Meat

Choose quality mark steak – scotch fillet is a great choice as the marbling keeps the steak moist during cooking.

2. Preparation

Rest the steak in a covered dish at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to cooking.

Just before cooking apply Alfa One Rice Bran Oil to the steak on both sides and salt and pepper.

3. Heat BBQ

Heat BBQ to full heat. It is a good idea to also have a part of the BBQ on low heat so that you can remove the steak if it gets too hot.

4. Cook

Cook your steak by pushing the steak into the BBQ plate to get a nice seal.  Turn as required to cook both sides and to achieve cross hatch pattern.

5. Test

Test for degree of cooking by pushing the steak and feeling how floppy the steak feels.

Cooking guide times below are based on a 2cm thick, 200gm piece of scotch steak.

Rare: Cook each side for 30 seconds to 1 minute, turning only once. Description: internal very red colour, very moist, red juices. Touch test: Very soft to touch.

Medium Rare:

Cook each side for 1 1/2 minutes to 2 minutes. Turn before pink beads of moisture appear on the top surface of each side.Description: Internal lighter red colour, moist, pink juices.Touch test: Soft and springy.


Cook each side for 2 minutes to 3 minutes. Pink beads of moisture will appear on the top surface of the first side when the meat is ready to turn.Description: Internal pink colour, moist, clear to pink juices Touch test: Firm and springy.

Well Done

Cook each side for 2-4 minutes. Reduce heat and cook a further 4 minutes each side. Description: Internal stone grey colour, dry, clear or no sign of pink juices. Touch test: Very firm to touch.


6. Rest

Rest your steak for 3-5 minutes to increase tenderness and juiciness.

If cutting steak, cut across the grain for maximum tenderness.

Perfectly cooked steak is simply delicious. Follow these steps and view the video guide to discover the secret of cooking great steak.