Find the answers to common myths about oils, spread and cholesterol. Take a look you might be surprised!

Lite oil is low in fat

Lite oils have the same fat content as regular oil. They simply have a lite flavour.

Some fats have fewer calories than others

All fats have the same amount of calories. There are nine calories in every gram
of fat, regardless of what type of fat it is. That’s a lot of calories compared
to carbohydrates and proteins, which contain four calories per gram.

All fat is bad for you

All oils contain fat, but a certain amount of oil/fat in your diet is important.
This is because dietary fats are essential to give your body energy and to support
cell growth. They also help protect your organs and help keep your body warm. Fats help your body absorb some nutrients and produce important hormones, too. Your
body definitely needs some fat – but not as much fat as most people eat.

Olive oils are not chemically extracted

Unless stated as an “extra virgin” or “cold pressed” Olive oils use chemical
extraction to refine the oils.

Eating eggs causes high cholesterol

In the past, it was thought eating foods containing cholesterol (including eggs)
would increase the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. Recent research has
shown that it is in fact the saturated fat in our food that increases and affects
cholesterol, increasing both total and LDL (‘bad’) levels. Studies have shown eating
up to six eggs a week provides nutritional benefits without increasing the risk
of heart disease. (The New Zealand Heart Foundation recommends that people at high
risk of heart disease limit their intake of eggs to three per week as part of a
diet low in saturated fat).*

Rice Bran Oil is a new oil

Rice Bran Oil has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years in the far
east. Rice Bran oil has slowly been discovered by the West and the 1L Alfa One Rice
Bran Oil is now the number one selling oil pack in NZ.

Olive oil spreads are made with
100% Olive oil

The majority of Olive Oil spreads contain only a very small percentage of Olive Oil. Many are predominately made from vegetable oil, which may contain palm oil.

*I love eggs New Zealand